Preventative Maintenance Packages

Preventative maintenance is a must to keep your home at its best.  We offer several levels of preventative maintenance to fit a wide variety of price points and homeowner needs.

The initial preventative maintenance set up (Gold, Platinum and Diamond) includes an  in depth visit  of your home to gather specifics such as size of home, quantity of rooms, bathrooms, light bulb types, etc… along with locating the serial and model numbers of your mechanical systems for easy reference in case they need service.  At the end of the initial set up visit you will be provided with a quote for your home based upon the service level you have chosen.  Several factors go into the pricing of the service, mostly the size and scope of the home!

For the Platinum and Diamond programs, each property owner will be provided with a service binder that all documentation related to each visit along with any additional information related to the home will be stored in.  Each visit the technician will insert the PM information into this binder so the homeowner has easy access to it at any time.  A duplicate binder is kept with NorthStar Maintenance Solutions as a backup.

All of the Preventative Maintenance Programs are tailored to fit each homeowner and additional services can be added to support our mission of being a single source solution!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us for a personal review of your property.